Beeswax wraps – The ethics, uses, vegan alternatives and more…

For those of us trying to reduce our plastic waste, cling film is a big NO NO. Don’t chuck it out if you already have some but once you’ve used it up… what next? I am not sure if I have actually chatted to you guys about this yet, but a really great option is beeswax wraps! I know it sounds a bit weird but hang on in there. Let’s put this out th...
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Top 10 Tips on using Beeswax Food Wraps

Top 10 Tips on using Beeswax Food Wraps

        Did you buy or receive a pack of beeswax wraps ? Great, you are officially saving the Planet. Cover bowls, wrap up sandwiches, store half cut vegetables or wrap around cheese, basically almost everywhere you would be using cling film you will be able to use a wax wrap. That means less single-use plastic in the kitchen…and that is always an excellent thing.

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