About Us

Introducing BEE Zero Waste - Your Path to a Greener Tomorrow!

At BEE Zero Waste, our journey began with a heartfelt commitment to both people and nature. Our mission is simple: to offer you the finest Plastic Free alternatives for your daily needs.

Each and every product we create is a labor of love, meticulously handcrafted in our cozy warehouse in Leicester. We take immense pride in ensuring your complete satisfaction and happiness, guaranteeing that you receive something truly unique.

Our story began in February 2019 with a set of 4 beeswax wraps, revolutionizing the way we preserve food without cling film. Since then, we've expanded our offerings to include a diverse range of wax wraps, delightful candles, nourishing soaps, irresistible wax melts, and much more.

What sets us apart is our dedication to keeping it local. Our products are proudly made right here, supporting our community and reducing our carbon footprint. The quality of our creations speaks for itself, and our swift delivery ensures you get your eco-friendly treasures in no time.

Meet the visionaries behind BEE Zero Waste - George and Monica. With boundless care for both their craft and customers, they started this venture from scratch. Your order matters to us, and we treat each customer with the utmost respect and attention.

But we aspire for more than just a successful business. At BEE Zero Waste, we're on a mission to create awareness about the Plastic Crisis that our planet faces. We want to see a future where everyone takes action to reduce waste and inspires others to follow suit.

Join us on this green journey towards a brighter, sustainable future. Together, we can make a difference, one plastic-free choice at a time. Experience BEE Zero Waste and become a part of the solution today.

You can find the BEE Zero Waste products on www.beezerowaste.com ,on every major selling platform

(Amazon, Etsy, eBay) or we might be on a craft fair near you.



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