FAQ Wax Wraps




How to use Bee Zero Waste beeswax wraps ?

You can use our wraps around a piece of food or over a bowl or casserole dish.

When wrap cools — within seconds — it holds its seal.

Use your Bee Zero Waste beeswax wraps to wrap

cheese, vegetables, bread, fruit, fresh herbs, and baked goods.

Beeswax wraps are not recommended for use with raw meat.

They typically stick well to glass, enamel, ceramic, porcelain, and even some plastics.

It may have a harder time sticking to wood or bamboo.

How long does the product last for ?

Our beeswax wraps lasts for up to a year with proper care and regular usage.
For longer duration wash your wraps in cool water with a mild dish soap.

(Avoid sources of heat, such as hot water and microwaves.)

Air dry, fold and store in a drawer / in a basket or our envelope.


How to clean it ?

Wash your wraps in cool water with a mild dish soap. After let it air dry.

Can wraps be used in the microwave ?

Definitely not !

The beeswax would melt off. High heat would not be good for them.


Can wraps be washed in dishwasher ?


Wash your wraps in cool water with a mild dish soap.

Can I use these to wrap food stored in the freezer and fridge?

Yes, you can. When used in the freezer please make sure you allow them to defrost before manipulating.

Where are these manufactured ?

All of our Bee Zero Waste wraps are handmade, packaged, and shipped out

from our workshop in Leicester, United Kingdom.

Why so expensive ?

This is a unique product made to be used again and again.

Organic cotton is infused with beeswax, organic coconut oil, and pine resin,

and becomes a washable, reusable, and compostable alternative to plastic wrap.

Our wraps are all handmade and eco-friendly.

The initial cost is high,

but compare to the number of plastic bags used in the same time,

it is worth it!

How can I refresh my beeswax wraps ?

To do this put it on some baking paper on a baking tray in an oven

that is as low as possible (around 50-75 degrees will do it) for about 2-3 minutes.

This process will warm and slightly melt the wax coating allowing all the cracks to fill back up and the coating over the cotton to smooth back out ready for use again.

It will also take care of any small sections where the wax may have peeled off.

You should be able to see the wax slowly melt and spread out,

soaking back into the cotton and once this is done

remove the wrap hang it up and allow it to cool and set again.

It takes about a minute to dry so if you have no where to hang it,

just gently wave through the air to dry.

NOTE: It is important not to get distracted and leave them in the oven for too long otherwise you will end up with a puddle of wax!


How many individual wraps in each package ?

We sell: set of 3, set of 4, set of 4XL, set of 6 and set of 10.

SET OF 3 include 3x L size

SET OF 4 include 1x XL size, 1x L size, 1x M size, 1x S size

SET OF 4XL include 4x XL size

SET OF 6 include 2x XL size, 2x L size, 1x M size, 1x S size

SET OF 10 include 3x XL size, 3x L size, 2x M size, 2x S size


What are the measurements of the wraps ?

Size S – 15cm x 15cm

Size M – 20cm x 20cm

Size L – 28cm x 28cm

Size XL – 33cm x 35cm

Roll – 100 cm x 33 cm


What kind of packaging do these wraps come in? Is it biodegradable ?

Yes, our packaging is fully biodegradable. All of our wraps come in envelopes made from 100% recycled paper tied with a natural jute string.

What kind of packaging do these wraps come in?

A small cardboard envelope.

Can these materials go in a compost bin?

Wraps can be composted if cut up in small pieces.

The fabric is 100% cotton, biodegradable and can be returned to the Earth.

You can also cut it on small pieces and use it as a firelighters.

Can you smell the beeswax and resin? Does the odor get into the food?

Sensitive noses can smell a little the beeswax but it does not contaminate the food.


Can I choose the pattern of wraps ?

Our sets includes different, randomly selected patterns in different sizes.

Sometimes we make exceptions,

so if you really want to choose patterns do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you have to let it dry before reusing?

The wax sheets adhere better when they are dry.

But this is a very quick and easy process:

After use, rinse the wraps with cool water and a tiny bit of soap.

Then rinse off the soap with clear cool water.

Blot the wraps gently with a dish towel, and set the wrap on a surface to air dry.

Then re-use it.


Can I use wraps in different way than wrapping food ?


You can fold the wax wrap as a box – check YouTube to find a tutorial

how to fold wax wraps.


Are they vegan friendly ?

We make 2 versions of wax wraps: beeswax and vegan. In the Vegan wax wraps we are replacing the beeswax with a mix of plant based waxes.