The eco-friendly charm and practicality of beeswax food wraps in a kitchen setting, perfectly aligned with BEE Zero Waste's vision for a plastic-free kitchen.

Top 10 Tips on using Beeswax Food Wraps

Top 10 Tips on using Beeswax Food Wraps

       Did you buy or receive a pack of beeswax wraps ? Great, you are officially saving the Planet. Cover bowls, wrap up sandwiches, store half cut vegetables or wrap around cheese, basically almost everywhere you would be using cling film you will be able to use a wax wrap. That means less single-use plastic in the kitchen…and that is always an excellent thing.

Here are our Top 10 Tips for using and maintaining Beeswax Food Wraps

1. Very simple to use, just use the heat of your hands to mould the wrap around a bowl or a food piece. BEE Zero Waste wraps are made using coconut oil instead of jojoba oil. As a result they will not have a strong smell and they will not have the wet appearance as the wraps made with jojoba oil.
2. Be patient when shaping your beeswax wraps:
- a new wrap may take longer to stick the first couple of times so persevere
- a large wrap takes longer to stick than a small wrap
- a wrap takes longer to stick on a cold day than on a hot day
3. Always make sure to wash your wax wraps in cold water. The hot water will melt the beeswax and will ruin the wrap. You can use mild dish soap if needed. If not too dirty, wiping them with a damp cloth will work very good.
4. A wrap will keep your food fresh for about a month in the freezer. Great for freezing pizza dough and baked goods.
5. DO NOT use the wrap in the microwave.
6. To remove stains from your wrap, apply a little lemon juice and leave to dry in the sun for a few hours. This will reduce the colour of the stain naturally.
7. Avoid covering raw meat or raw fish with your wrap. It may take on the smell and may harbour bacteria.
8. Use a dedicated wrap to cover onion, garlic or other foods that may have a smell.
9. Use origami techniques in our video tutorials to fold your beeswax food wraps in different shapes as a snack pouch, or a tray.
10. Rejuvenate your wrap each 6-12 months or when it't does not stick anymore. Heat oven to 120°C. Lay out wax wrap on a baking tray lined with baking paper. Grate some of our beeswax mix block on the wrap - all the way to the edges. Put in oven for a few minutes, until the wax has melted. Take out and spread wax over fabric with an old brush. Return to oven for 2 more minutes. Remove, peg up and air dry.

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