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Beeswax Firelighters, 500g

Beeswax Firelighters, 500g

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Crafted for both convenience and environmental stewardship, here are the standout features of our
Beeswax Wraps Firelighters:

Eco-Conscious Fuel: Produced from beeswax wrap offcuts, these firelighters are a prime example of innovative waste reduction.

Pure & Clean Burn: Enjoy a natural burn with beeswax firelighters, free from synthetic odours and chemicals.

Durably Waterproof: Never let the rain thwart your fire plans again with our robust, weather-resistant starters.

Quick and Effective: Each piece ignites rapidly, sustaining a flame long enough to build your fire with ease.

Plastic-Free Promise: Consistent with our dedication to the environment, we ensure a completely plastic-free product.

Aiding Bee Conservation: Your purchase aids in the protection and conservation of bees across the UK.

Discover the practicality and environmental benefits wrapped up in each firelighter and take a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Use & Care

Storage: Keep your firelighters in a cool, dry place. Their waterproof nature means they're ideal for outdoor adventures, but storage away from moisture will ensure they remain ready to use when needed.

Lighting: When ready to start a fire, simply place one firelighter beneath your wood or coals. Light the edge of the firelighter; it will catch quickly and burn efficiently.

Fire Building: After ignition, carefully add more fuel to build your fire to the desired size. The firelighter will continue to burn and aid the catching of your added fuel.

Safety: Always supervise the fire after using the firelighter, and never leave it unattended. Ensure children and pets are kept at a safe distance.

Disposal: After the firelighter has been used and the fire is out, if there's any residue left, it can be safely disposed of in compost bins, thanks to its all-natural components.

By choosing and using our Beeswax Wraps Firelighters, you're not only enjoying a superior product but also contributing to sustainable practices and the well-being of bee populations.

     Embark on an environmentally-conscious journey with our Beeswax Wraps Firelighters, ingeniously designed for a natural, efficient burn.

    These handcrafted starters are more than just a way to light your fire; they're a pledge to sustainability and zero waste living. Each eco-friendly firelighter is crafted from the off-cuts of our beeswax wraps, transforming waste into warmth.

      Unveil the natural way to kindle your flames without any of the harsh chemicals typically found in traditional fire starters. Our Beeswax Wraps Firelighters offer a clean, odour-free burn, ensuring your cozy campfires and BBQs are started with care for the planet.

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