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Hand-Dipped Beeswax Taper Candles - Pair (2 Candles)

Hand-Dipped Beeswax Taper Candles - Pair (2 Candles)

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Approx Size: 230mm x 22mm (9" x 7/8")
Burning Time Per Candle: Up to 10.5 hours
Material: 100% Pure British Beeswax
Wick: Organic Cotton, Lead-Free
Dripless: Clean burning with minimal mess
Smokeless: Ideal for indoor environments
Brightness: Superior glow, outshining other candles
Eco-Friendly: Sustainably sourced, supporting local beekeepers
Hypoallergenic: Safe for sensitive individuals
Versatile Use: Perfect for churches, weddings, romantic dinners, and more
Color Variety: Available in various colors using beeswax-based dyes, eco-friendly and non-toxic
Handmade beauty: Size and colour tint can slightly vary from batch to batch.

Use & Care

Setting Up Your Candle:

Proper Holder: Always use a suitable candle holder that fits the taper snugly to ensure it stays upright and secure. This stability is crucial for an even burn and to prevent dripping.

Maximizing Burn Time and Avoiding Drips:

First Burn: On the first use, light your candle for at least 1 hour, allowing the wax to melt evenly across the top. This sets the stage for consistent burns thereafter.
Avoid Drafts: Place your candle away from open windows, fans, or air currents. Drafts can cause uneven burning, increase the likelihood of dripping, and shorten the burn time.
Straight Burn: Ensure your candle is perfectly vertical in its holder. Even a slight angle can cause uneven burning and dripping.
Relighting and Maintenance:

Trim the Wick:
Before each use, trim the wick to about 1/4 inch. This encourages a cleaner burn and prevents the flame from becoming too large.
Extinguishing: Use a candle snuffer to extinguish the flame gently. Blowing out your candle can cause wax to spill and may produce unwanted smoke.
Safety Precautions:

Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep candles out of reach of children and pets.
Placement: Keep the candle away from flammable objects such as curtains, books, and decorations.
By following these instructions, you can enjoy the natural beauty and ambiance of your beeswax taper candles safely and to the fullest. The proper care not only extends the life of your candles but also enhances your experience with a clean, bright, and dripless glow.


Special Bundle Offer: Buy 4 Sets of Beeswax Candles and Get 30% Off at Checkout

   Experience the luxury of the BEE Zero Waste Beeswax Taper Candles.

Crafted with care in the UK, each one is made from 100% Pure British Beeswax for a premium, natural glow. These hand-dipped Beswax Taper candles are the heart of sustainable luxury, bringing a warm light to any space.           

    Enjoy the simple elegance of our eco-friendly candles, designed for those who appreciate quality and sustainability.

Close-up video of a serene burning beeswax dinner candle enhancing table ambiance, showcasing its natural golden glow and tranquil flame.

         Our classic beeswax taper candle shines bright, casting a warm, golden light that makes every room feel cozy. Around the flame, there's a soft halo that adds a special glow to the space.
         This candle burns cleanly, hardly making any smoke or soot, so your air stays fresh. Plus, it has a gentle, natural honey smell that makes your moments even more relaxing. It's not just a candle; it's a way to make your everyday spaces feel more peaceful and warm.

   Versatile Elegance: The Perfect Candle for Every Occasion

         Whether you're lighting up a church aisle, setting the mood for a wedding, adding romance to a dinner, or enhancing the atmosphere at any event, this beeswax taper candle is your go-to choice.
          Known by many names—dinner candle, slender candle, or simply taper—it's versatile enough for any occasion. Its elegant design and natural glow bring a touch of sophistication and warmth to any setting.
        Perfect for creating memorable moments, this candle adapts beautifully, from solemn church ceremonies to intimate dinners and grand celebrations, making every event a little brighter and more special.

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